Why PR?

Public relations is the art of effective communication between an individual or organisation and its stakeholders or (put more simply) the people that matter most to its success.

For the  majority of businesses, the goal is gaining exposure to audiences through organic or 'earned' publicity. Unlike advertising or marketing, PR coverage cannot be bought and therefore holds much more clout. 

Prospective customers, investors, partners and employees are all examples of important stakeholders, with whom effective communications is vital.

Traditionally PR has focused on establishing and maintaining relationships with 'influencers'. This primarily includes industry analysts and journalists because of their unparalleled audience range and reach. The independent third party credibility that comes with positive editorial inclusion and the 'built-in' audiences of 'thought leaders' means influencer relations remains critically important today.  However, the rise of social media has opened up direct channels to audiences like never before.  Today, businesses are able to communicate directly to audiences on mass directly via a huge variety of channels. As these are relatively new and constantly evolving, more opportunities present themselves daily.   

Success in the field of public relations requires a deep understanding of the interests of each of the client’s many publics. It also requires a thorough understanding of how to engage them in a world flooded with content. That’s where a professional public relations agency comes into play.  

What/who are stakeholders?

Anyone and everyone that has an impact on your success. Investors, partners and employees are all examples of important stakeholders, with whom effective communications is vital.

Why is this important?

You may have the best solution, service or product in the market but if few people know about it, or if few people understand its value, then you’re not reaching your full potential. Equally, your publics should be listened to from the get go.

Failure to listen and respond appropriately is a missed opportunity of incredible magnitude.

What does PR achieve?

PR helps to get you where you deserve to be. It takes full advantage of the opportunities already waiting for you. It is truth well told and works best when not forced. Every company has stories to tell and positive, mutually beneficial relationships to build.

Effective public relations ensures that if you’re doing a good job, the right people know about it. Good public relations can make a good company great, bad public relations can make a potentially great company average.

What can PR not achieve?

PR cannot work in a silo. It cannot be outsourced. PR can put a painting on display. It can get eyeballs on the piece. It can explain who, why and how it was created. It can add context and encourage attention. It cannot however make critics like a painting. Some PR agencies will claim they can, but at Red Five PR, we believe the exercise is futile in the long run. We only choose to work with clients we truly believe that we can deliver an outstanding campaign for.

Why Red Five PR?