What we do

Red Five PR helps organisations to effectively communicate with their stakeholders through agile public relations.

Yes, “agile” is a buzzword but with good reason. We differentiate ourselves by not only recognising the ever changing environment outside of our clients’ control but by embracing it. Our Listen, Plan, Act, Repeat methodology means we’re constantly able to build on success by adapting and evolving to reach the overall objective. Constantly asking “why” allows us to adapt on the fly. It also allows our clients to avoid lock-in to a series of quickly outdated milestones met only through budget-blowing trudging-through-treacle tactics.


The micro agency is owned and run by two PR veterans. Its consultants (Red 1 and Red 2) have produced successful campaigns for a wide variety of clients, big and small, across a wide range of sectors and with a wide spectrum of objectives.

Working at the coalface, within small but efficient PR teams, they have remained at the cutting edge, dealing with journalists and analysts, day in – day out and know the practicalities of making things happen.

Due to the size and fundamental approach of the agency, the team that recommends PR activity is always the team that delivers.


Our Approach






We listen to you and your publics. We listen to your market, to prospects, competitors, journalists, analysts and all those that impact your business.

We plan to allow activity to be dialled up and down to capitalise on success. This agile approach guarantees best use of your PR budget.

We (the team that listens and plans) are responsible for implementation. We do the do. We know where to go, who to approach and how to get things done.

We evaluate by listening through analytics, which takes us full-circle. Are we achieving what we set out to? Have we been seen to prove our worth?



Red Five PR believes that true success is felt. The best campaigns are the ones where clients feel the benefits, where they see their teams getting excited about media coverage, where they see their employees sharing content over social channels and where they see customers and prospects engaging as a result.

Success is feeling momentum when speaking to prospects on trade show floors that recognise the brand and are familiar with what you do. Success is sales teams feeling greater brand awareness when making calls and employees feeling that they are working for an exciting and forward looking company.  

Combining sentiment and hard analytics, based on supporting business objectives, is not as hard as you might imagine. There are hundreds of perpetuations of measurements depending on the clients’ specific objectives. However, as an example, 100% of a sales team feeling that PR is positively impacting their efforts is a powerful stat when combined with the list of tactics that made it happen. It’s much more powerful than simply the number of press releases distributed…





Whether it’s helping a large US corporate launch in EMEA or assisting during mergers and acquisitions, our consultants have proven experience working with FTSE 500 companies across all sectors.

Enterprise IT

Red Five PR consultants have extensive experience working for IT infrastructure clients across industries and at every level of the IT stack. They have unparalleled knowledge of the industry journalists, publications and opportunities.

Not for profit

From getting foundations in front of government to encouraging adoption of the new internet protocol and helping charities to fundraise, our consultants are well versed in the challenges and opportunities faced by the third sector.


From optimisation systems to apps and hardware, Red Five PR consultants have successfully increased profiles for both large and start-ups alike to help them sell more to network operators and carriers.


From seeking investment to simply upping notoriety, Red Five PR consultants are well versed in helping SMEs take advantage of all the inherent and unique opportunities afforded to them.

Consumer tech

From creative and gaming software to storage devices and hardware upgrades, our consultants are well versed in review sample coordination, competitions and news announcements.

Professional services

Red Five consultants have worked with a vast range of professional service companies from crowdfunding platforms to professional mediators and initiatives to aid UK exporters. B2B comms is at our core.


From enterprise security, to the physical layer of data centre and to end user malware protections and antivirus solutions, Red Five PR consultants are well versed in infosec media and its opportunities.