Strategy and Planning

...planning is important but agility is vital

PR campaigns must be well informed. All too often companies make the mistake of being too inward looking and ignoring the other factors at play. A radically different approach needs to be taken if a product or service is truly innovative or if it is, in reality, a "challenger brand" entering a crowded market. Often this can be hard to see by those so close and invested in their business. It can also be very hard for agencies pitching for business to be truly honest about where the prospect/client sits in the market place. As a PR freelancer, I will be honest. I rely on my financial adviser to give it to me straight, and not simply tell me what I want to hear, PR should be no different.

Grounded in reality, I can help craft PR campaigns for all budgets and be honest about the expected results. However, through many years of experience, I appreciate how quickly requirements can change and evolve and therefore I wholeheartedly advocate and agile approach to campaign execution in the form of an open and clear dialogue with clients. 


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