PR Essentials

PR demands are rarely consistent yet effective communication can not simply be switched on and off. The PR Essentials package gives you professional PR support and a baseline of activity with the flexibility to to scale up and scale down  as needed.

Overprovisioning can lead to pointless activity to justify fee and over servicing can lower quality of work due to stretched resources.


There are positive PR opportunities out there for every company but few truly lock down the fundamentals.

Some even bypass this step in the search for a big creative campaign, for which it's hard to guarantee return on investment.

PR essentials is as close to guaranteed results as possible in that the opportunities are there already, you just need to grab them.


There are multiple channels to positively engage with your publics but none more fundamental than traditional and social media.

How best to use these channels is where I come in.

Approach varies by business, however I can confidently say customer case studies and positive testimonies is an example of a pretty universal PR tactic - that's not to say that if such testimony is not available, all other communications should be thrown out, only that such tactics should be addressed by every organisation.

Why me?

My career has been spent working with 'challenger brands' - relatively unknown companies looking to take the next step. I know how to find the compelling stories and how best to package them to help you achieve this.

What does it achieve?

Positive exposure of your organisation to those that matter.

PR Essentials includes


  • Messaging session and concise messaging document
  • Media training


  • Media relations support
  • Social media support
  • Content creation

PR Essentials equates to roughly a day a week of my time, spread out as you need. I do not simply down tools if I am needed beyond that, instead provisioning is discussed at the beginning of the month.

This programme is perfect for those that understand the value of PR but do not have the budget or inclination to commission a big campaign where these services are included (and often neglected) under the term "press office".