We listen to you and your publics. We listen to your market; to prospects, competitors, journalists, analysts and all those that impact your business.nnWe listen to what has previously worked well and what hasn’t. We listen to how PR efforts have been received by your stakeholders before and the perception of what PR efforts internally.nnWhat you want and what your publics want must be aligned for PR to work efficiently, truly listening ensures they are.

Once goals are decided, we lay out a proposed strategy along with recommended tactical activity. The methods of communication will be selected to make it as easy as possible for your publics to hear what you have to say.nnThe plan is designed in a way that allows activity to be dialled up and down dependent on ...achieving the most success. This agile approach guarantees best use of your PR budget. Time and effort is not endlessly sunk into “trudging through treacle tactics”.

The team that listens and plans is responsible for implementation. We have worked in the PR industry for many, many years within small and efficient teams and have remained at the cutting edge, dealing with journalists and analysts, day in – day out.nnWe do the do. We know where to go, who to approach and how to get things done. We will remain open and honest throughout the relationship and never suggest/carry-out work that we do not believe best for you AND your publics.

Evaluation is about listening. Which takes us full-circle. Are we achieving what we set out to? Have we been seen to prove the worth of solid communications? Are we on track?nnWe do not believe success can be measured in terms of tactical deliverables. The number of journalists’ briefings cannot be an indicator of success alone for example, for briefings are only tactics of a bigger objective. We measure success dependent on each client’s perception of success, as agreed from the outset.