Media Training

...Paxman and Anne Robinson are rarities

Make this poor jaded journalist's life as easy as possible

For many of the UK's SMEs, getting the media's attention is the number one priority.

Media training aimed at preparing spokespeople of big corporate firms for a Watchdog style interview is simply not appropriate. Giving journalists a compelling enough story to cover you, over the thousands of other businesses, most certainly is!

The truth is, most journalists are friendly, polite and easy to talk to. That being said, there are basic rules of engagement that you must be aware of. Journalists can (politely) end an interview in the blink of an eye, if they're not getting the story they need. Left without a story or valuable input, they are unlikely to come back to you in the future. We can train you in the basic rules of engagement to make sure this doesn't happen.

Over-promotional marketing speak will be thrown out.

That's not to say messaging isn't important - quite the opposite. We can also run through simulation exercises and prep you for the real thing. It's also standard practice to have PR people on interview calls and with you during face to face meeting to act as facilitators. We will literally help you every step of the way.