LinkedIn is the most effective social media network for businesses. It is essentially a publishing platform with an audience of those already inherently interest in what you have to say.

Updating statuses with company news and positive media coverage is invaluable in ensuring the right people see your good news. Encouraging employees to amplify this further has an incredible impact that traditional channels simply can’t match. It may sound obvious but few are doing this effectively at the moment.

The chance of a prospect or client reading your company news in a national newspaper is increased exponentially by sharing that third-party endorsement within pre-established networks.

Using the status update feature for both company status updates and individuals sharing news is a real no-brainer. If you have a new piece of content or an announcement to make, it makes sense to use your employees to amplify the message. For example, 3,217 people engaged with the LinkedIn status update about Salesforce’s acquisition of ExactTarget. Could media coverage, email marketing or Twitter updates match this for views and engagement? And here’s the good bit: it’s a really under-utilised method of communication. A third of FTSE companies and more than half (57%) of the UK’s fast growing tech companies, the TechTrack100, don’t use status updates yet (let alone encourage their employees to share). Of course, there’s a danger that people start to ‘over-share’ and it gets as crowded and congested as Twitter, but we’re not there yet.

Almost everyone in the professional world is on it, including decision makers. Data insight is important, allowing you to see how many people have viewed your updates and visited your profile.