“I’m just glad we gave it a crack”

I bought the final issue of the New Day today and intend to keep it around the office. I'm not sure why exactly but I'm convinced it has a lot to teach us beyond the obvious "it was ridiculous to launch a paper in this day and age".

For me, I'm just glad we gave it a crack... A team who were willing to take risks and break some rules. A team of tryers... never ever stop trying new things. Because that's when we start dying.

Editor Alison Philips in her final Editor's letter 

There is something admirable about the sheer determination to do something that seemingly defies all logic. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs I've worked with have listened to all the reasons not to do something and done it anyway.

Yet, I can't help thinking of all the staff and writers that are now paying the price of the failed experiment.  Nine weeks ago these people found themselves part of a new and exciting national newspaper and now many of them are out of jobs.

Fewer journalists is bad news for everyone

There are many commentators "blah-ing"(as Alison puts it) about the reasons the paper failed: the modern media environment, that the paper was features lead (which people clearly didn't want) but I also think the paper's attempt to be political neutral held it back. It's a sad fact that we often seek out ideas and opinions that match our own (lefties read The Guardian and righties read The Telegraph) so the admirable objective was up against it from the start.

However, my buddy Sam Shaw at Canvas8 made an interesting point about the paper's failure in a broader cultural context. He noted that we live in uncertain times, and a lot of us retreat into familiar sources whose opinion reflects our own in such times...

...Maybe when the economy and society feels stable, then we'll be ready for a new day.

Sam Shaw, Canvas8

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