Gelato appoints Red Five PR


Gelato is building the world’s most intelligent ‘print cloud’ platform. It doesn't own any machines but instead connects HP and Xerox printers to its software platform and global distribution network.

The print cloud collects orders from customers, sorts them by format, and where they need to be shipped to, and sends them to the print houses as close as possible to where the materials are actually needed, reducing delivery distances, delivery times and carbon emissions by huge amounts.


The company was founded by entrepreneur Henrik Müller-Hansen, who left his job as CEO of a major telco because he wanted to start something free from corporate politics. Henrik started Gelato in 2007; in 2016 the company is valued at £122m. The Gelato print cloud now connects users with more than 50 professional print houses in 16 countries and delivers to over 40 countries, reaching a total population of 1.2 billion people via one global print cloud. 


Joining in late 2015, Gelato’s Head of Global Communications Barbara Hüppe has appointed PR agencies to represent Gelato across Europe. Barbara previously led European comms for Mozilla/Firefox.

Red Five PR has been appointed to handle Gelato's PR in the UK and will work alongside partners in Europe including in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

Following Red Five PR’s Listen, Plan, Act, Repeat methodology, the plan for the first three months is to establish Gelato's positioning and to support the Gelato Global product. 

The digital printing industry is forecast to grow to $300bn by 2024 - the music industry, by comparison, is only a $15bn market 

Initial Gelato media coverage can be viewed at Marketing Tech and Cloud Pro.


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