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Ouch: The Times goes in hard on PR stunt

Newspapers and news sites are full of PR stories (stories created to help gain attention for companies and causes). The likes of “(sugar brand finds that) a quarter of workers bake cakes for colleagues” are amazingly common. Yesterday however, The Times (which covered the baking story) went in hard on one such stunt and I […]

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New to PR- (1)

New to PR? 3 things NOT to do!

 Following my recent piece on what to do when starting out, here are 3 things not to do!1) *Assume you’ll be reminded*Throughout education you’re often reminded of impending deadlines and told what you need to do and by when. Granted, that’s not always the case – especially at uni – but at the very least […]

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Brilliant guerrilla PR: ‘Priced out London’

Campaign covered a great little PR stunt in its 23rd Sept issue… The stunt was designed by two “bored” creatives to bring attention to the rapid house-price inflation in the capital. Their mini ‘Priced out London’ campaign involved pricing food items as if they’d risen at the same rate as house prices. After a few […]

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gelato logo

Gelato appoints Red Five PR

 Gelato is building the world’s most intelligent ‘print cloud’ platform. It doesn’t own any machines but instead connects HP and Xerox printers to its software platform and global distribution network.The print cloud collects orders from customers, sorts them by format, and where they need to be shipped to, and sends them to the print houses as close as […]

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Canvas8 appoints Red Five PR

 Canvas8 is a behavioural insights practice relied upon by big brands and agencies to inspire creativity across media, communication and product design.Its global library of 16,000+ reports, case studies and signals is updated daily to inform companies across every sector and demographic.  The fast growing company also offers consultancy and tailored research, a recent example being Canvas8 […]

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Cutting your teams some Slack

Eric Schurenberg describes Slack as “less of a quantum leap forward than a stunningly effective set of improvements on what came before” in the Dec/Jan issue of his magazine Inc (which named Slack its Company of the Year 2015).We completely agree; Slack’s intuitiveness must surely be a big part of its success.Seemingly every week now […]

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