Canvas8 appoints Red Five PR


Canvas8 is a behavioural insights practice relied upon by big brands and agencies to inspire creativity across media, communication and product design.

Its global library of 16,000+ reports, case studies and signals is updated daily to inform companies across every sector and demographic.


The fast growing company also offers consultancy and tailored research, a recent example being Canvas8 findings, from a study of 21- to 35-year-olds, that led to Heineken’s global campaign to promote moderate drinking. 

Red Five PR provides a great balance of agility and guidance and is the perfect partner for our continued development. The agency has a real knack for a story, which is the perfect complement to our research and trends.

                            Nick Morris, Strategy Director, Canvas8

Canvas8 has so much quality content and such deep insight to share that the PR challenge is simply about making the right connections and ensuring its findings are reaching the right people. The company has an open culture and a collaborative working environment, meaning there are no bottlenecks to getting data, opinions and insights in a timely fashion, which is great for all involved! 

                             Austin Brailey, founder, Red Five PR 


Following Red Five PR’s Listen, Plan, Act, Repeat methodology, the plan for the first three months is to establish the fundamentals as relationships are built with journalists and research and insight is shared with the most relevant people.

The process will then be repeated as we listen to what the first few months have taught us and plan for the next stage. Agility is key.

Initial Canvas8 media articles can be read at The Drum: 'Compassion Fatigue' and The Wall Blog: 'Can tech encourage empathy?'



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