Brilliant guerrilla PR: ‘Priced out London’

Campaign covered a great little PR stunt in its 23rd Sept issue…

The stunt was designed by two “bored” creatives to bring attention to the rapid house-price inflation in the capital. Their mini ‘Priced out London’ campaign involved pricing food items as if they’d risen at the same rate as house prices.

After a few hours of Photoshop the pair had increased food prices by 980%, resulting in a £10.38 avocado and £36.33 block of cheese, among many other things.

Next up, they “guerrillad” a few Tesco stores located next to big publications, simply replacing the labels with their convincing, price-hiked fakes. Photos of the items and prices were then shared on a #PricedOutLondoner tumblr (a great name in itself).

The result was coverage in/on the likes of The Sun. Metro, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and ITV news.

The two say the quick campaign helped people better understand the issue but admitted it probably hadn’t helped them act…

Regardless, you have to be impressed with the speed, low cost and creativity of the idea. Kudos to Nathalie Gordon and Wren Graham of Sunshine!

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