Analyst Relations

...influencing the influencers

Analysts contextualise your products and services. They have in-depth knowledge of their focus areas and their input is sought by decision makers at the highest level.

Analyst relations is about keeping analysts fully briefed on your organisation. Unlike media relations; angles and stories are not normally the main requirement.

Analysts have an inherent interest in keeping fully informed about a certain marketplace and its players and therefore the process can largely be one of consistency and ensuring that the right connections are made and a flow of information is maintained.

Introductory Briefings

Step one is making analysts aware of you. This means identifying and contacting the relevant people within analyst houses with the offer of an introductory overview of both the company and its latest offerings.

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Ongoing Campaign

Analysts need to be kept updated to ensure they're able to speak about your latest initiatives with accuracy. An on-going campaign helps analysts to help you by being thoroughly and properly informed.

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